Joy rides

I have been home since Sunday and I have been trying to catch up with my family because the last time I was home was last September. It’s been a while I tell you. Three months may not seem much to many people but for me, much has happened since then. Most of them though were good, so it feels nice knowing that it turned out that way.

My family now is actually on better straits than where it was 5 years ago or 10 years ago. It may seem funny but I must say that the positive changes in my family only happened only in the recent years. But despite that fact, I am still thankful that those things did happen and that I still have an intact family despite all the things we have gone through as a family.

We have been going out on dinners since Sunday and most often than not, we go out and buy coffee. Afterwards, the family goes joy-riding. Yes, I did have joy rides with my father, mother, sister and brother over the past few days. And it does feel nice spending the evenings with them and seeing the sights and sounds of the city.

Of course, insomnia on occasions like these come in handy since we would usually be out in the streets until 2 in the morning. I guess the next few days of the Holidays will be of little help in treating my insomnia since I will be out of the house for the most part of the day, err , night.

Oh well, the family is more important than my insomnia. Yes, the family is.


Author: ellobofilipino

Admit it, my last name's quite difficult to pronounce. It's read as kee-ling-ging.

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