A decade after…

So I did join my old colleagues and friends last night to supposedly reminisce about college and ventures into campus politics a decade ago. It wasn’t planned but after doing groceries and having dinner with the family, my dad suggested that I join my old buddies while they try to get a videoke room (the reunion was actually held in the same establishment) and while away the time singing songs. It made sense since we the family hasn’t actually done that for quite some time.

It felt funny seeing old faces after a decade. Everyone seems to have put on weight. Our faces were more rounded and almost everyone already had beer bellies. It felt like we were a bunch of old horses in a barn. The first thing people said when I entered the room was : “Hala nanambok na (Whoah, you’ve grown fat)!” It was expected since I was really skinny during my college years.  

Being that this was a group of experienced student leaders, there was no problem with playing games and having participants. Yes we did have games, but it was what prudes would consider the “obscene” kind. Of course, there were no worries, the youngest in the room was somewhere between 28 to 30.

It felt nice though seeing some guys I haven’t actually seen for a very long time. And what it made it better was that people were not talking about les faux pasand  embarrassing moments. Instead, we were all catching up with each other, talking about what happened after college, who got married, had kids, and pursued what. And that it what I think reunions should be: catching up time.

By the time we called it a night, everyone was tipsy since we ordered quite a lot of drinks after some guys said they would attend but begged off at the last minute. But it was all good seeing old faces and mending burned bridges and broken lines. Maybe, that was what was more important than the beer, rum, and gin. Yeah, I think that was it. Or maybe this is still the hang-over speaking 🙂


Author: ellobofilipino

Admit it, my last name's quite difficult to pronounce. It's read as kee-ling-ging.

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