Ignorance is boring. And it ain’t cute.

Before I left for the office this morning, I saw a news story where a reporter went around doing MOTS (man-on-the-street) interviews with random persons she bumped into. And with each one of them, she asked if they remember what happened back in January 20, 2001 or February 25, 1986.

Some were quick to say they didn’t know. Others evaded the questions and went about their way. And others gave answers with a hint of not being sure about it. A few were able to give the right answers.

My attention though was caught by a guy wearing a National Geographic Earth Day Run shirt. Unlike the others, he didn’t answer the reporter immediately. Instead, the guy seemed to enjoy the camera time while laughing at himself for not being able to find the answers in his head. And then he relented.

Funny as it may seem, among the best-selling National Geographic shirts last year was one with the line: Ignorance is boring. And true enough, the guy did look boring despite his laughter and seemingly nonchalant behavior. He probably thought it was cute. It wasn’t.

I guess that’s the problem with some of us Filipinos. Instead of working on our lack of knowledge on certain things, we tend to just laugh it off (and remain ignorant). And despite our lack of knowledge on certain things, we tend to be very boisterous, attracting attention from everyone around us. But when confronted, we are reduced to what we really are: ignorant. And that’s where even the loudest laughter and the most desperate jokes end up boring. And again, it ain’t cute.


Author: ellobofilipino

Admit it, my last name's quite difficult to pronounce. It's read as kee-ling-ging.

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