Thank you Papa, Mama, Sorene and Abe!

I got this from my family in Cagayan de Oro last Friday. It was delivered to the office in the afternoon. My Mama told me that she specifically asked LBC to have it delivered that day. And aside from it being my special day. It was supposed to have food so the contents are perishables.


Later, when I arrived at the house, I opened the package and saw among its contents, a couple of shirt from Hong Kong bought by my sister from her recent trip; a couple of boxes of Pastels, a coupld of boxes of krinkles and a pack of dried mango candies.

Thank you very much Papa, Mama, Sorene and Abe! Your package has made my day more special and less melancholic being that I am far from all of you. I will cherish these gifts though they may be consumed in a few days freom their arrival. But the memory of them being sent is enough to make me feel loved and thought of.

I will see all of you soon! Love you all.


Author: ellobofilipino

Admit it, my last name's quite difficult to pronounce. It's read as kee-ling-ging.

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