Bagong Lipunan

For those born after the Marcos years, this song would sound inspiring and patriotic but it was an anthem which cloaked the actual events behind the facade of Martial Law.

When Marcos proclaimed Presidential Decree 1081  on September 21, 1972, he justified it as a necessity in saving the Republic and re-engineering Philippine society.

What was left out though (and it seems to be missing from most of the youth of today) is that Marcos’ concept of social change involved the harassment, arrest, incarceration and even summary execution of the political opposition, critical press and even ordinary farmers, students, workers, priests, nuns and the indigenous. If you guys have time, you might want to browse through InterAksyon’s stories from Martial Law victims.

Incidentally, the man behind this song also composed the collaborationist anthem during the Japanese occupation. Also, I suggest you watch the video til the end and you’d see what the uploader on Youtube thinks about the anthem.


Author: ellobofilipino

Admit it, my last name's quite difficult to pronounce. It's read as kee-ling-ging.

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