Family, Distance and Faith

The family on New Year’s Eve.

In less than 24 hours, I will be leaving Cagayan de Oro again to return to Quezon City, where my field of expertise reaps compensation more proportionate to its weight than what I would be offered if I choose to make a living of my skills in the city of my birth.

It is never easy leaving your family for several months. Especially if you belong to a family like mine which is small and closely-knit – with members meeting everytime one has a cause for celebration.

In my own direct family, my siblings, as well as my father, have professions which require them to travel to different parts of this 7,107 archipelago. Unlike them though, I do not have the capability to go home on weekends.

But the lives we lead are the result of our decisions. And the profession I have found myself in, is the result of my own choices in my earlier employments and my own desires. It is for these causes that I must bear the burden of being distanced from my family.

While my travails are not exactly the same as those of overseas migrant Filipino workers, I do know how it feels to be away from your family for the greater part of the year. I do know how helpless one feels when seeing news reports of a weather phenomenon hitting your hometown yet you are far from your family. I do know how difficult it is to let go of thinking about your parents when they are rushed to the hospital and you can’t be there with them as they try to recover from what struck them.

It is never easy to be away from one’s family. Especially if one does not have the capability of travelling in an instant to one’s hometown should it be necessary. Being a country of islands, immediate travel from Manila to Cagayan de Oro is only possible by plane. And what one earns would quickly dissipate is one goes home more than once or twice a year.

But we all do what we must so we can do what we want. And in an effort to pursue my own purpose in life, as well as finding where my talents are best put to use and appreciated, I must be where I can grow as professional and as a person. And if being in Manila allows me to relaize my capabilities as well as be compensated for the exercise of these gifts, then I must pursue it while I still can.

I do plan to eventually return to the land of my birth when I decide to have a family of my own. But that will be a few years more from now – enough for me to save up for my own plans to aid my family in necessities where they deem my assistance fit.

I do hope that God will be kind to continuously provide good health and wonderful opportunities to my family – that they are all able to derive happiness in the pursuits they choose. And that we would always be reunited during the Holidays, bearing in mind the greatest gifts ever given to humanity – life, love and family.

I shall miss my family, knowing that it will be several months before I see them again. And on this election year, it is possible that I would not see them until June. In that period, I pray God watch over them and keep them safe.


Author: ellobofilipino

Admit it, my last name's quite difficult to pronounce. It's read as kee-ling-ging.

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