Del Carmen

The morning ride through the mangroves in San Jose, Del Carmen, Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte.

I spent the past few days in Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte in Mindanao. Along with a couple of team mates, we were there to conduct interviews on the climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies of the town.

Despite the fact that we walked right into the town fiesta, we were still able to interview the Mayor and the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer. And we gathered several insights on how the town battled against age-old attitudes on livelihood and family, as well as supernatural beliefs on pregnancy and deaths from crocodile attacks.

Del Carmen’s Pier Boys striking a pose for the nth time.

As we went around to take pictures of the coastal areas and communities, we chanced upon these boys from the pier. And they seem to enjoy posing infront of the camera, so much so that when I was taking a photo of the sign behind them, they came up to me again for another shot. These right here are their “gangsta” poses.

In case you guys are curious, the sign at the back reads: “Hug your child first before drug pushers do.” Yeah.

Will compose my thoughts more on the things I picked up from Del Carmen. But for now, I will leave these photos and words right here.


Author: ellobofilipino

Admit it, my last name's quite difficult to pronounce. It's read as kee-ling-ging.

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